February 2020 - URM
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    Risk Management – What is it? – Benefits to ISO 27001

    We are going to explore why the focus on a risk-based approach has helped turn ISO 27001, the International Information Security Management Standard, into such a world-beater. Before we dive in, let’s set the scene and try to define what we mean by risk and risk management. What is ‘risk’? Here’s an interesting challenge. Ask […]

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    ISO 27001 Certification – Dispelling the top 5 myths

    There are many good reasons to implement an information security management system (ISMS) and get it certified to ISO 27001, the International Standard for Information Security Management.  The most common is that customers or clients, or in some cases stakeholders, want the assurance that an ISO 27001 certificate can provide. At first glance, an ISMS […]

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    What is an ISMS? Why should you implement one

    Information Security Management Systems, ISO 27001 and the Benefits of Implementation. In this blog, we’re going back to basics and looking at some of the fundamentals of information security and ISO 27001, starting with the core ingredient, the information security management system, or ISMS, as it is commonly referred to. What is an Information Security […]

  • ISO 22301:2019 | 5 key changes from the 2012 version, services, business continuity, iso 22301, iso, revision, key changes, version, consultancy, business continuity, disaster recovery, iso 22301, iso 22301 implementation, iso data, iso certification, iso 22301 certification

    ISO 22301:2019 – 5 key changes from the 2012 version

    In November 2019, we saw the release of the updated version of the International Business Continuity Management System Standard, BS EN ISO 22301:2019. In this top tip, URM provides you with its analysis of 5 key differences from the 2012 version of the Standard. Should you require more information on implementing a BCMS in line […]