January 2020 - URM
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    ISO/IEC 27701 – What is it? What are the benefits of implementing it?

    ISO 27701 privacy information management The need for guidance on how organisations should best protect privacy and manage personal information has never been more pertinent. Fortunately, guidance has now arrived in the form of ISO/IEC 27701:2019 (ISO 27701*), a new International Standard, which sets out how organisations should manage personal information and demonstrate compliance with […]

  • GDPR, Brexit and the Adequacy Decision, brexit, gdpr, exit, european eunion, europe, leaving europe, urm consulting, news, blog, urm consulting gdpr, gdpr blog, brexit blog, brexit news

    GDPR, Brexit and the Adequacy Decision

    Subject to approval from the European Parliament, the UK will formally leave the EU on 31 January with a withdrawal deal and will enter a transition period until 31 December 2020. With this in mind, where does that leave the UK from a data protection perspective and what steps, if any, do organisations need to […]

  • Introducing ISO 27701 Consultancy - Reasons why our expert guidance is different, consultancy, iso 27701, data protection, iso 27701 consulting services, data protection, data protection consulting services, gdpr, gdpr consultancy, gdpr consulting services, iso 27001, information security

    Introducing ISO 27701 Consultancy – Reasons why our expert guidance is different

    Just before Christmas on 20 December 2019, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced that it will be working with the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) to deliver its GDPR-approved certification schemes. The short announcement can be found here. Whilst, as yet, there is no detail on what the schemes will entail, it is hoped that UKAS and […]

  • Farewell to Windows 7 - end of support, keep system secure, windows 7 end of support, windows, microsoft, computer, urm consulting services, urm, news, latest news, infosec, gdpr, information security

    Farewell to Windows 7 – How to operate Windows 7 securely

    When Windows 7 was released on 22 October 2009, Microsoft committed to support this operating system for 10 years.  The decade of support ends today and, as a result, Microsoft will no longer issue software updates via Window Update.   Naturally, Microsoft has been urging Windows 7 users to upgrade their operating systems (OS) to […]

  • Software asset management (SAM): What is it and why implement it now?, sam, saham, software and hardware asset management course, training, urm consulting, uk trainers, bcs sam course

    Software asset management (SAM): What is it and why implement it now?

    This week’s blog looks at software asset management (SAM). URM has been involved in delivering classroom-based training on SAM for 14 years and with a new syllabus being released by the BCS reflecting current challenges and disciplines, we thought it was the ideal time to provide our perspective on SAM. In particular, we want to […]

  • New Year, Old Threats | Another ransomware attack, ransomware, cyber attack, phishing attack, phishing email, information security awareness, infosec awareness, inosec, inosecurity, informationsecurity

    New Year, Old Threats – Another ransomware attack

    So, the new year had barely begun, when news of another ransomware attack broke (https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-50972890). This time, a US military base was compromised but there was a very familiar storyline with officials reporting that they believed the ransomware was sent in a malicious email link, clicked by an employee.  For those of you who are not familiar with this specific type of malicious software, […]

  • DPO Blog: In-house Resource vs Virtual DPO, gdpt, data protection officer, general data protectionj regulation, data protection compliance, gdpr compliance, information security

    DPO Blog: In-house Resource vs Virtual DPO

    This week’s blog takes a look at data protection officers (DPOs) and considers when to look in-house and when a virtual, external resource or hybrid resource may be a better option. So, let’s start by considering the requirement for a DPO.  Under Article 37 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), certain organisations are required […]