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  • Gaining Senior Management Buy-in

    “It is non-negotiable……..time is running out………..the potential fines are enormous…….individuals can be held personally liable”. So, with all of these compelling reasons, why can it still be challenging to gain traction on your GDPR compliance project? As we count down to the GDPR coming into force on 25 May 2018, URM looks at the steps […]

  • Brexit Risk: Why ‘wait and see’ is not a good option

    One of the greatest sources of uncertainty for many UK organisations today is Brexit. It has the potential to affect all aspects of an enterprise from human resources management, finance and supply chain through to marketing, IT and information management. To establish how organisations are approaching the challenge, URM conducted an online survey with its […]

  • Organisations’ reputations are at risk through poor supplier risk management

    ‘Supply Chain Cyber Resilience – Getting the Balance Right’ was the focus of URM’s webinar during last month’s Business Continuity Awareness Week. The session has proved to be very popular, with excellent feedback on the content. If you missed it you can still view the webinar ‘on demand’ here. The presentation sets out a straightforward […]

  • What are the 9 signs of effective risk management?

    Enterprise risk management has never been more important in helping senior management and executives navigate uncertainty and achieve business objectives. One only needs to consider the challenges related to Brexit, cyber threats, supplier risk management and organisational resilience to see its relevance to the business agenda. Informed decision making is vital to the long term […]

  • 5 things we learned about ISO 22316, the new International Organisational Resilience Standard

    The eagerly-awaited first edition of ISO/IEC 22316:2017 (ISO 22316) was published at the end of March 2017. While the document is relatively short, it is packed full of thought-provoking ideas on one of the hottest topics: that of organisational resilience. The Standard offers an introductory definition which immediately establishes clear blue water from other standards […]

  • 5 business continuity lessons from the United Airlines incident

    If you had asked the CEO of United Airlines about his biggest threats to the value of the organisation a couple of weeks ago, would they have included the combination of self-inflicted events that occurred last week? It seems unlikely. The initial company response relied on re-stating policy, industry practice and explaining that the customer had […]

  • 5 Step Approach for Managing Supplier Related Information Security Risk

    What is the challenge? Most businesses need to engage with suppliers in order to ensure reliable and effective supply of goods and services. These suppliers range from those who store or process sensitive information, to those that pose little or no information security risk at all. For instance, the variation in the level of risk […]